trees and get outside

Still have Nash in its spring orientation. Nice to have the scrub oak turning green. I’m not able to watch the wildlife that come through, though, so I’ll be moving the Nash soon. I’ve started to make weekly trips to the slash pit. I’m cutting down the diseased and dying trees and dragging out most of the old downfall and rotting trunks. I value trees and I’m working on making this acre of land safer from fire and healthier for the remaining trees and shrubs. The Stihl chainsaw is on its second chain. Certainly am pleased with it, though I never thought I would own a chainsaw. Last Sands is going to have healthy trees. One time I was loading the back of the Ford with debris and noticed I had to partially stand on a large red ant hill. I kept looking down at my boots and stomping off the ants. At one point there were so many red ants on my boots, I thought they might be out to colonize me. Did quite a stomp dance. Wish there was some upbeat music. Thought I had a bag of granu

neighbors and the spaceship

Some neighbors stopped by one morning. We talked about their winter. So I spent the winter in a trailer park since the NMSPs were closed. Remember hearing about trailer parks from the late ‘40s and ’50s? No frills, families living in trailers, going to work and raising families? This small park has a number of year-round residents. Some living on just social security. A couple of rigs might not even be able to move. There was a retired nurse living in a tent with no car. The management keeps the rent down and the park is a life saver for some. I met a few people in the park who were passing through or staying there for a few months or a year. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with some. With three, I could talk about anything. And had true back and forth interesting conversations with questions, differing opinions and whatnot. I need that stimulation. It charges me. It’s even better with a glass of red. It is what friends do. I miss that. The friends I have are hundreds of mile

flat (no, not that kind), cemetery and the spaceship

A petroglyph I came across while hiking a few years ago. One more will follow. I drove up to Silver City with Deb, did a loop along rt. 15 in the Gila National Forest and later got two takeout sandwiches from Diane’s Deli on Bullard. Great sandwiches, pretty much always stop for one when in Silver. While eating out at a table, we were both impressed with all the people wearing masks. We would not have been if it were a common sight. Another day we traveled down to the Pink Store in Palomas, Mexico for lunch. As we were walking into Mexico, there was a soldier standing in from of us with an AR-15, or the like, across his chest. Oookay. Deb and I took a day trip east to Alamogordo to pick up a couple of items from my safe-deposit box that I wanted to sell. Since I prefer riding as a passenger over driving, we took her orange Jeep (as we did with the other two trips). I had printed some pages from my 189MB Humor folder (I like humor). I read, she drove and we both laughed—a lot.

Dragon and lack of access

Dragon chillin’ on his hammock. No, actually, warmin’ on his hammock. What a stellar job was done with his terrarium. Deb sent me this photo and the two others on this page. At some point, I noticed that I was somewhat hunched over. I probably thought it was part of aging (never said I was one of the brightest crayons in the box). Looking around I see a lot of hunched over seniors. One day the physical therapist I was working with during my months of PT said, ‘Stand up straight’. The guy was pretty tough so I listened. That was all it took to click for me. I realized I was doing this to myself. I started being aware of my posture, holding my sternum up. It did, however, take some time for it to pretty much become a habit. Still slouch from time to time. Bummer. Online I came across a couple of sites with exercises addressing the issue. This was the other part of the fix I needed. Many seniors, possibly most, are out of shape, overweight, lacking in mobility, walk slow, have po

mishmash, Dragon, flip & rotate and rainbow

Not quite what the teacher was looking for. Platitudes and advice, even when said with good intentions, can come across as dismissive, reducing a good deal of pain to empty one-liners. When I hear the occasional empty platitude, I really have to bite my tongue. If I do not know what to say—that is what I say. At least the person knows I stopped to think, rather than throw out a standard response. Be more aware. A coffee sleeve is called a zarf. Might help in scrabble. I met someone the other day when I went out to spread scratch grain for the local quail. The lady was sitting on a low stone bench. I didn’t initially notice that she was holding a leash nor did I see a pet. Then out from under the bench came Dragon, a Bearded Dragon. Dragon came from a shelter. A shelter—I’m thinking cats and dogs, and this lady comes out with a lizard!? After a bit, Dragon walked over to my shoes. A friendly dragon? Way cool. Dragon and Albert, a cat, get along well in their RV. Stuff like this

time out and mile marker

I met a lady full-timing in a small trailer and has a dog, Raindog. I tend to ask questions. On a rainy day, a dog came onto her site, hoped into the back of her capped pickup, and stayed. There are four or five ladies here who walk their cats with a leash and harness. One lady’s cat is Miss Kitty. I asked, From Gunsmoke? I also met a couple who full-time in an older Class A. They use an electric oil filled radiator for heat. Have not come across such heaters so I looked it up. The inexpensive units are sealed, so no topping up the oil. All the electricity used by such a heater is used to generate heat, by warming the oil. No wasted electricity. There are probably pros and cons. An English professor wrote the words, ‘a woman without her man is nothing’ on the board, and directed the students to punctuate it correctly. The men in the class wrote:  ‘A woman, without her man, is nothing.’ The women in the class wrote: ‘A woman: without her, man is nothing.’ Finally got my

could have started off better

Two weeks into my four months of NMSP reservations, the governor closed the parks for two weeks. Hopefully, they will reopen on Dec. 1st. The NM state parks are possibly the safest places for RVers to stay this winter. The parks are closed to none NM residents this year and the park I was at, was pretty much empty. Safe! And they were closed. My MacBook Pro went to a black screen while I was working on a Pages doc. Dug out my old MacBook Pro, went to Apple Support and tried all their suggested fixes. Nothing. Guano. I do a lot of work on my computer. When I have daily wi-fi (6 weeks this winter) I download many pages to read at a later time. Unfortunately, my last backup was two weeks ago. Will go back to daily backups. Sounds like the repair will be $530 and my hard-drive will probably need to be erased. Not smiling. Called Apple to have the laptop picked up. A problem arose when I heard the computer will be returned to the same address where it will be picked up. This would no