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back to Bisbee IV, spending, all on wheels,
food from plants, old fogies’ pass, recycling ravens,
and more time in the burros

Well, it was back to Bisbee for three weeks. Not nearly as much fun as it generally is. Lynn moved to Tucson so I did not see her much. She came down for our annual dinner out at Café Rocka. And I went up to Tucson to see her new place (NICE) and we spent the day out at the Desert Museum west of town. Sure do like watching otters. The Bisbee house is still on the market so I parked in the driveway. Spent the time clearing out my storage locker, selling stuff on craigslist, distributing items to friends, and took a whole truckload of stuff over to Penny Lane. I picked up a 5’x8’ cargo trailer so now all I own is on wheels. I need to find a more central location to park the cargo trailer, at least a couple hundred miles north, maybe around four corners. Wish I had a friend with some acreage who would let me store it there. I only need to get into it once a year. Finally sold the A/C that came on the casita. I enjoyed stopping in at Jewelry Designs by Owen to see David a number