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poppycock, park from above, and hope

I’ve been to Central Park and seen many photos of it. But not one from this angle. Pretty cool. I came across most of these in a newspaper (remember those?) and they brought to mind others that I remember. How long has it been since you heard any of these lines? I remember them all and I’m kinda glad they are no longer in use. A couple of these words did not even show up in a spell check. Everything Hunky Dory? You drive that jalopy? and Don’t touch that dial. You sound like a broken record. and Let me have a carbon copy. That’s poppycock. and That’s gobbledygook. You young, Whippersnapper! It could be a boondoggle. Heavens to Betsy! and Holy Moley! Gee whillikers! and Jumping Jehoshaphat! Living the life of Riley. and We’re in like Flint. Not for all the tea in China. and What a nincompoop. Gee, that’s just swell. and Knee high to a grasshopper. Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. (How could one come up with this?) Kilroy was here. (I had read somewhere that a riveter, or