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choosing a rig

(I came back to this entry in November 2012 and rewrote some of it based on what I’ve learned over the years living this lifestyle.) One thing that holds some back is the initial cost. Go small. If you enjoy the outdoors, most of the time you will be outside—so why the big rig? You are not going to be in it all that much. A 17’ or 19’ trailer is plenty for a single person and 22-24’ will be comfortable for a couple. For camping, bigger is NOT better. And when you are in the rig, you’ll generally just be sitting down in your favorite spot. And surely you do not need a big rig so that you can haul more STUFF?! Most start off with a rig way bigger than they need. If contemplating a large rig, be aware of all the complicated systems on board. There is more potential for problems and higher maintenance costs. It just seems there will be more time spent working on the rig or having the work done in a shop—fix this, fix that (while spending money). If you truly enjoy being out in Nature