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dragging logs, standing tall and closed forest

The Montezuma quail pair are back but I’ve only seen them twice so far. As I’ve said before, they do not come in close. There were two fallen trees on the low end of my property. Not good if a wildfire came through. I cut them up and took the branches to the slash dump. Dragged the logs up to this spot. You might see the log-dragger that I used last summer. From here it was relatively easy to drag them up where I was going to use them, just before the pickup. Feels so good doing this type of work (as long as it is on my property). It is so dry here, no rain since I got back on March 25. Passed two of those towable road department digital warning signs, reading Forrest Closed. Had not seen that before. Driving along the 34 mile scenic byway between Cloudcroft and Timberon, there were warning notices at all of the trailheads and overlooks. The large wildfire near Ruidoso, NM was 100 miles to the north in the Sacramento Mountain. Same mountain range and forrest where I live. I j