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new deer and balance

First new one. One morning I was putting scratch grain out and eight deer were walking towards me. Not sure if I’ve seen eight at once. Pretty cool. Not back to carrying a camera in my pocket. I wonder if some of these deer are some of mine from last year. When I got up the first morning, it was 60º in the Nash. For the next two weeks, the early inside temps ranged from 56-63º. Nice change from the valley. Even lit the Wave 6 a couple mornings for a bit. The first thing I did when I towed the Nash up onto my property, I let M&M out. Yep, they literally flew out the door, ending 7 months of being indoors. They checked out their home turf, and rolled in the dirt, as I jockeyed the Nash around for summer exposure. Put the bird feeder up. Nuthatch were the first birds. Hummingbirds found their feeder sooner. One time there were three hummingbirds on the ring, sipping. They were shoulder to shoulder, using 3 adjacent slots. Don’t think I’ve seen the before, either. One day I b