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evicted - forest fire
Rizzlo is found

Well August started off with a twist. I got evicted. Lightning started a forest fire in the next canyon to the south. Hot Shot crews, 10 smoke jumpers, eight 20-person crews, a Type 1 helicopter, a Type 2 helicopter, and two Type 3 helicopters were assigned to the fire. Last night it came over the ridge and started burning down into South Willow Canyon. I took the night shot from in front of my camper at 4:00 am when one of the Hot Shot crews stopped by to give me a heads up. Everyone in the canyon was told to leave. When I left, the fire was close to the top two, of six, campgrounds. Now I hear it is two miles down the canyon. That would take in four campgrounds and possibly the old guard shack if it reached down to the road. We’ll see what’s left when I get back up there next week. I’m presently visiting friends in Salt Lake. One good point is that the fire crews rescued the lost dog. Rizzlo was out on his own for over a week coping with a night of thunder, lightning, and pouring rai