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lookin’ good, maybe in a tree, LOL,

Sure wish I were selling the Casita now. Last month I used buffing compound on the duller sections. Then I went over those sections and all the rest of the trailer with polishing compound. Lastly I waxed it. Lookin’ good. Sure hope I don’t hit too much mud on the dirt roads I’ll be doing in the next couple months. I’ll be selling up in La Grande, Oregon in early May. Hope everyone does not already have their trailer lined up for the summer. It will be listed for $6,000. When you are waxing or washing your vehicle and someone says, ‘Hey, when you’re finished, you can do mine’—is it still illegal to shoot him? That line is SO lame. I’ve been known to respond with, ‘I guess original thinking was not called for in your profession.’ Sometimes I totally forget about following the precepts. I really need to get back off-the-gird. Back to City of Rocks. As this photo shows, there’s more to the place than most see. Also, a volunteer graded the old cow path to the top of the mesa and it’s