jaguar, Bike Works and SC status

I’m posting two of the last photos I took before pulling out of Tinderbox.

This jaguar was made from the paper collage technique. The artist, Debbie Goodman, wrote, “Each original composition is rendered entirely from pieces of colored and patterned paper. The first step is sketching a design and mapping out individual pattern areas. The next is selecting the ‘palette” of papers that will express the subject’s color, texture, and character. The papers are then cut, layered, glued to a background sheet, sprayed with a protective coating, and framed for display.” Nice work.

These purchases have proved to be the most useful so far this year: BlendJet 2 - SanDisk 8GB Clip Jam - gaffer tape - 303 Aerospace Protectant - Yeti mug - KN95 Face Masks. I’m curious, maybe I’ll look at my ‘purchased (2013-2020)’ doc and see what the most useful items were in previous years.

I’ve always liked this sketch of a cheetah, leopard and jaguar.

In Silver City, there is a business called The Bike Works. “Our all-inclusive shop is a place where you can find a quality bike to buy, parts and accessories to outfit your bike, have your bike repaired by experienced & certified mechanics, and even fix your bike yourself using our DIY tool stations! We also offer workshops where you can learn everything about bikes- from basic tune-up adjustments all the way to advanced procedures such as wheel building and hydraulic brake bleeding.”
The Saturday I stopped in, there were five young people working on bikes. What a great idea and the Bike Works has been offering this service for years. I dropped off a 1upUSA bicycle trainer that the owner said they could definitely make use of. Made me feel good.

My Silver City realtor uses the app OnX on her smart phone. It’s basically a hunting app that’s costs $30 a year. It shows satellite images, similar to Google Earth. I asked her to drive me out to a few properties, and she brings up the location on OnX. The screen marks the property and shows all of the acreage that the company selling the property owns, as well as the private property, using red and green lines. Pretty cool.

None of the properties, zoned unrestricted, I’ve gone out looking for are marked. Makes it tough to find them. No, For Sale signs, let alone, ‘Here It Is.’ Bummer

I’ve looked at a number of properties near Silver City but none of them would work. Guano. Should have bought the 7 acre property on a hill that I looked at last year. Hindsight.

I so not want to go back to Tinderbox next year. One good thing would be all the heavy work I still want to do on the property. Never thought I would get so much enjoyment from working on my land. And maybe I’ll think of other locations to look into.

I made reservations in the NMSPs for the winter to get my annual social fix, then they closed one of the parks that I generally bounce back and forth with another park.
Looks like I’ll be staying at the trailer park where I spent last winter. There are some good people there I enjoy talking with and maybe I’ll meet some new ones.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up.

August sixty minutes sixty years—3400 minutes
August Triple 18—upper: 6764; core: 2000; legs: 5000

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you;
you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”
James Lane Allen

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RVwest article ‘Following a Free Spirit’

RVwest article ‘The Space Between the Places’


Rob K said…
Hey Sebastian,
When I was moving south this year, I saw some land for sale north of Quemado near junction of NM 117 & 36. It was at either 7.100' or 7,400'. Thought about your land search. There was a land office near Pie Town as well.
Great looking art work.
Hope you're doing well.
Enjoy the parks,

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