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Still have Nash in its spring orientation. Nice to have the scrub oak turning green. I’m not able to watch the wildlife that come through, though, so I’ll be moving the Nash soon.

I’ve started to make weekly trips to the slash pit. I’m cutting down the diseased and dying trees and dragging out most of the old downfall and rotting trunks. I value trees and I’m working on making this acre of land safer from fire and healthier for the remaining trees and shrubs.

The Stihl chainsaw is on its second chain. Certainly am pleased with it, though I never thought I would own a chainsaw. Last Sands is going to have healthy trees.

One time I was loading the back of the Ford with debris and noticed I had to partially stand on a large red ant hill. I kept looking down at my boots and stomping off the ants. At one point there were so many red ants on my boots, I thought they might be out to colonize me. Did quite a stomp dance. Wish there was some upbeat music.

Thought I had a bag of granulated sugar for the hummingbirds in the basement locker. Didn’t. Mercantile only had cane sugar. Looks kinda’ funky.

Well, I finally found someone up here in Tinderbox who listens to NPR. This acquaintance stopped by my place for something and we got to talking. At one point he mentioned NPR and how he likes the professionalism. Later on in our conversation, I learned that he only has a third grade education. He lives up in one of the sections that do not have power or water lines. Does all his cooking and heating with wood.
He carries an old .32 pistol. Once a mountain lion was moving through his property and he shot at the puma. I’m thinkin’ idiot. Luckily the handgun did not fire.
I’ve spent a lot of time in the outdoors and am familiar with survival skills. Some of which pertain to facing a four-legged predator. These have proved to be effective and I thank the gods I have not been in a situation to test them.

Another lady shot at a cougar standing on her property. She was aiming to kill, not merely shooting to scare the feline away. Could be a wounded mountain lion in Tinderbox.
Another guy always carries a handgun on his daily walks. Saw a cougar, went to shoot it but could not get a clear shot. Where am I?! He told me if he shot at it, it would be dead. I learned at an early age that situations do not always turn out as I had anticipated. So you can probably imagine what I thought of his statement.

Now I carry a handgun when I’m on my morning dumbbell walks or off hiking. Only because there might be wounded predators around here from people who do not stop and think, or know what to do without shooting. I don’t think I ever carried while hiking, running or mtn biking during my years of hard-wall camping off the grid. This is a community with families and pets. No place for wounded predators. But shooting at the cat would be the last thing I would try. Okay, okay, I have vented.

My last single burner stove was too high and seemed unstable with a pot on top. Replaced it with this Coleman PowerPack Propane Stove. Very stable but kinda’ big for my 1½ quart pot.

For many, it is not their nature to be out in nature. Could this be making us age more quickly and less comfortably than we would if we got out for regular walks and other outdoor pursuits? Can there be negative consequences of having less contact with the natural world?

Some parts of the world seem better positioned to restore the balance between time spent indoors and out. Norwegians routinely practice friluftsliv, which translates to “free air life” and time spent appreciating nature. In Japan, shinrin-yoku or ‘forest bathing’—simply spending time alone in a forest, and immersing yourself in the sounds and smells, is said to be incredibly therapeutic and healing.

Physical activity in nature has a double benefit. Our body gets some exercise, and our brain gets to turn off for a bit. Hiking, cycling and walking are good, active options for spending time in a more natural setting. Of course, the more time one can devote to communing with nature, the greater potential benefit to our health and happiness. Seems a no brainer. As I like saying, The ball is in your court. Pick it up.

I’ve heard such statements as, Live every minute as though it were your last. I cannot see how that is possible. Every minute? Maybe because I could never pull that off.

I sit down most evenings with a glass of wine, music and a book. If I stopped to think about it, I would hope to realize my day was a good one, maybe not always fulfilling, but at least to some extent, enjoyable—even if it turned out to be my last.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up.

April sixty minutes sixty years—3170 minutes
April Triple 18—upper: 4920; core:1870; legs: 7620

Kind hearts are the gardens, Kind thoughts are the roots,
Kind words are the flowers, Kind deeds are the fruits,
Take care of your garden And keep out the weeds,
Fill it with sunshine, Kind words, and Kind deeds.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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JudithK said…
I'm interested in the rack your new little stove is sitting on. What is that exactly?
I don't RV but my friend does. She might like something like that. (I have no clue about any of the equipment available, so this might be a really dumb question.)
Hi JudithK

Its a Tire Table Vehicle Camping Travel Tailgating Outdoor Work Table $175 on Amazon.
JudithK said…
Thank you! I will tell her. I have made a note (otherwise...the info would be gone.)
cherie said…
Glad to see you are having a much better year! It's so true what you say about nature, that's why Gael and I take 6 weeks roaming around the SW and West. Mostly just off grid camping. Last and only time we ran into you was Railroad Canyon I believe. I continue to follow your blog and enjoy reading about your opinions on life. I'm very happy you recovered from that last horrible hospital stay. Stay well. Cherie B.
Wow Cherie, yes long time and it was at Railroad Canyon. Hope you are staying healthy. Take care, stay amused and walk.
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