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As I walk around and see so much, I realize that at some point, I will never experience them again. Coming across a single colorful wildflower. A pair of ravens flying in sync. Sitting outside in the evening with a friend, talking, sipping wine. Sipping a cold glass of water. All such things strengthen my resolve to be grateful and not take things for granted. Surviving my BMT gave me this second chance at life with all its stellar moments is a most thankful bonus. I’m smilin’.

Antlers are just starting to grow on the bucks.

The last three summers I had no trouble with rodents getting into the bags of cracked corn and scratch grain. Not so this summer. A mouse chewed a hole in a bag of cracked corn and had ready access. A couple days later, there was another hole in the same bag only a few inches away. A maze reject?
I generally keep M&M’s dry food and the birdseed bags in my truck. Can you make a guess here? A mouse got into the Ford and chewed through the birdseed bag. Guano. Also chewed a hole in one of the saddle blankets I use for seat covers. Guess he was going to settle down and build a nest.
Then it was the Nash. All of my staples of grains, nuts, seeds, etc. are either in the freezer or in glass jars. I had ONE small, unopened bag of granola in the drawer under the fridge. I live in 152 sq. ft. with two felines. And now a mouse!? Maybe I should get a boa.

In a novel, a guy’s girlfriend called his cat, Allergies. Yep, she was.

My Eton solar radio could not pick up NOAA weather in Timberon. It was my 3rd Eton and I’m done with them. Pretty much whenever I’m thinking of purchasing something, I open a browser and type in, ‘top rated’ of whatever the item is. From the list, I choose one. I went with a Running Snail radio (FM, AM, WB and flashlight). It charges with a solar panel, hand crank and USB. Works well. I really need NOAA weather in the mountains, and now I have it again.

I wanted a player smaller than my iPod to clip on when I’m outside doing chores such as polishing the Nash and waxing the Ford. Again, I did the ‘best rated’ thing and from the list I chose the SanDisk Clip Jam 8GB. This model SanDisk can hold 2,000 songs and has good fm reception for NPR. Albums can easily be selected & dragged from a Mac. At times I connect it to the Nash’s radio and play it through the house speakers. I was surprised and pleased with the size of it. The online image is different. The SanDisk is a keeper.

The Nash’s roof rubber was lookin’ dried out. I cleaned it with Spic & Span, let it dry, and sealed it with Protect All Rubber Roof Treatment. The next day I gave the rubber another coat of Protect All. I hope to add another coat of sealer every other month til October. It would be nice if I never let the rubber dry out again. I generally take better care of my stuff.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up.

April sixty minutes sixty years— 1860 minutes
April Triple 18—upper: 1920; core: 1960 legs: 3000

Inhale the future, exhale the past.

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Rob K said…
Hi Sebastian,
I keep my dog's food in 5 gal buckets with a Gammo lid. I've seen they have smaller lid sizes for smaller buckets.
I keep his food in the trailer.
Maybe the cat food and birdseed can go in the pass-through?
Good luck with the mice. BTW what are the cats doing about the problem mice? 🤣
Rob K said…
Just looked this morning, its not "gammo" but Gamma lids.
Thanks for the tip, Rob. As to what M&M are doing about the mice—NOTHING!
nichole said…
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