winkler, smokey and the solstice

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Met up with my favorite winter acquaintance and had some good talks and laughs. Simple pleasures.

I also met a couple from Wisconsin who travel south for the winters in a Holiday Rambler Class A, towing a Mercedes Benz Smart Car. Had two good, informative conversations with them. I need talks like this. They lent me a DVD of the 1988 miniseries, Lincoln, with Sam Waterson and Mary Tyler Moore. I remember Moore from the Mary Tyler Moore show. This is the only time I saw her in a drama, that I can remember. Mary Tyler Moore gave an absolutely stellar performance as Mrs. Lincoln. I do not think anyone could have topped it. He facial expressions nailed every scene. I was thankful that I was given the opportunity to see this performance.
When they were leaving the park, they gave me a package of Dove dark chocolate. This candy is now a staple in my freezer. I take them one-a-day, like a vitamin. Thank you so much. They also gave Meadow & Mesa a gift, a bag of Friskies Party Mix treats. M&M love them. I generally buy Temptations chicken flavor treats. I’ve tried something new from time to time, but M&M never liked any. Glad we now have a 2nd option.

I like Henry Winkler; he comes across as a good person. And granted, I’m only judging this from listening to him, the couple times he was on NPR’s Wait, Wait.
He said, ‘I live by two words - tenacity and gratitude. Tenacity gets you where you want to go and gratitude doesn't allow you to be angry along the way.’
I thoroughly enjoyed both times he was on. Wish I had more opportunities to listen to him. Maybe I will order a season of Happy Days. Or Not.

‘It’s alright, mate. It’s just Smokey’s (the cat) sense of humor. Whenever anybody sleeps in this room he likes to get up on that beam up there, and just as you’re dropping off and all’s right with the world, leap onto your stomach.’ Frank Legg

Once again, my favorite day of the year came around—the winter solstice. I started out with 40-minutes of exercise, including one of my favorite HIIT routines, 20-minutes of stretching, breakfast and an hour’s walk.

I added something to my solstice tradition. Buying myself gifts. I might have occasionally done this in the past but as of 2019, it will be a given. I wanted to add a touch of style. For some things, it does not take all that much. Something to wear when going into town. Hence, a pair of Dockers black, cap-toe dress shoes and two white button-down shirts. Now it’s leather footwear (one needs two types) for most things and athletic footwear (pretty much synthetics) for exercise, walks, hikes and the like.
I also wanted a heavy, wool, knee-length overcoat. I went into all the clothing stores I passed, but none carried overcoats. Bummer. Guess I’ll order one from the web once I get back up to Timberon. Maybe Lands’ End Wool Overcoat, even though it is not 100% wool and it does not look all that thick. Dark charcoal or navy?

As you know, I always purchase a good bottle of wine, and as a treat to look forward to each evening, limit myself to one glass a day until it is gone. With the first glass of this cabernet sauvignon, I watched a DVD that I’ve been saving. Simple pleasures.

I bagged the cow and pig meat based diet on the winter solstice of 1970 and started on my plant based diet—49 years. Not bad.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up.

November sixty minutes sixty years—1820 minutes
November Triple 18—upper: 2120; core: 2705; legs: 3985

Keep life moving forward, looking backward
is only for time travelers.
Rachel O. Washington

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