karma, people, the boot and
radiator & exhaust

A character in a book I was reading walked into the scene wearing a T-shirt with this on the front:
‘Dear Karma,
I have a list of people you’ve missed.’

Dropped down over 3,000’ in elevation from Timberon to have it go down into the 20s the first night. Guano. I’ll stay down on the flats until March. When I get back up to Timberon, there will probably be a few days with a little snow and/or hail, typical for March. But after four months getting my social fix, I’ll be over-ready for some solitude. March is quiet up there.

One from a file of photos sent from Dianna.

The ten years I was hard-wall camping, I was content with not having people around to talk with. It felt good. All the wildlife and Meadow and Mesa were enough. I didn’t think about people not being around. This year I realized that there are people around me in Timberon to talk with—but I cannot talk with them. Almost like feeling alone while around people. I have two favorite acquaintances I enjoy being around and I can talk with about most things. Remember, I differentiate between acquaintances and friends. With friends, one can talk about feelings and just about everything else. With acquaintances, not so much. I am truly thankful for my acquaintances, however. But if there are people around, I need more. It is nothing like the solitude life of off-the-grid.

So this mindset should get me seriously looking for property 20-30 miles outside a town or small city. With people who listen to NPR, are more health conscious, and a population with a much lower percentage of smokers. Talking with such people further open my eyes and help me grow. I’ll work towards developing a new set of friends. Wish I could be somewhat excited about the coming search.

For the two or three places I’ll be spending most of the winter, the signal for the public radio station comes down from Portales NM. The station offers a different schedule and some different shows. They play ‘The Best of Car Talk’ right before ‘Wait, Wait.’ On Sunday mornings at 5:00, it’s ‘Travels with Rick Steves’ instead of gospel. A nice treat for four months.

I have to wear this rocker boot for a month. Down to the last week. The initial bandage wrapping on my foot for the first two weeks was huge. It was such a treat to take it off and put on a much smaller one. The day the sutures were taken out was another treat.
Then I’ll start working back to decent walks. Next step will be building back strength for brisk walks (15-minute miles), starting with short stretches interspersed in my walks, working towards longer and longer stretches. Ditto for jogging, working towards running. Been here, done this, know how to go about it. I’m getting way more opportunities to build back up from medical setbacks than I thought I would get from a lifetime. But I really wish I could say it is not deserved.

This guy was saying how his body is like an old car. Every time he sneezes, coughs or sputters, either his radiator leaks or his exhaust backfires.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up.

October sixty minutes sixty years—2100 minutes
October Triple 18—upper: 1805; core: 1920; legs: 3235

In nature there are neither rewards, nor punishments;
There are only consequences. Robert B. Ingersoll

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