new panels, a comeback, ford
and paw prints

A doe occasionally comes by with two fawns. Haven’t seen a second doe.

Deer are not the only ones who drink out of these buckets. Even though Mesa and Meadow have their own water bowl, with fresher water.

I was reading through some legendary comic comebacks. I like this one:
Reporter: How many people work at the Vatican?
Pope John XXIII: About half.
I guess I found this humorous because it was from a Pope. The position might need a sense of humor.

It was time to replace my window foam panels. The aluminum facing on the other side splits and peels over time. These are the new panels I cut. I also cut one for the tall curb-side back window. When the panels are up, the blinds are down so the foam is out of sight. I use them most mornings in the summer since I have not been able to set up in the shade. They take up very little space in the shower stall.
I don’t use them as consistently in the winter and only at night if the temp is going down into the 30s or below. With the blinds down and closed, one cannot see the panels. Remember, I use a small $30 ceramic heater for the three months I get an electric site.

Whether here, or when I’m out hard-wall camping off-the-grid, most of what I want is always there with me. Most days start before the sun comes into view and M&M are around for entertainment and companionship. There might not be trails nearby but there are generally places to hike. All in all, a quiet, peaceful life with books and music. I don’t need much more than this.

I read the pros and cons on buying a Ford pickup. One of the cons was how the options can really drive up the cost of the relatively low-price pickup. Mine were were $6,000. But the Ford will probably be my last vehicle so, so what.

I’m more of a Ford person than a Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/Ram person. I had a Ford Club Wagon back in the early 70s which was well made and had no problems. I even lived in it for 3 years as I drove a beer truck full-time out of Paterson, NJ to Jersey City and Hoboken. While taking pretty much a full load of college classes at night. Anyway, glad to be back with a Ford.
It’s a 2019 STX F 250 Super Duty 4x4 with a 6 ¾ bed. I really like the aluminum body. With 18” wheels, I won’t be changing any tires. They weigh a ton. The color (Blue Jean) is darker than it looked to me online (there wasn’t another vehicle on the dealer’s lot for me to see first hand), but I can live with it. Lighter colors are safer, as in easier to see against the black and gray of the roads.
Remember my May 2013 page, two trailers and one tow vehicle, when I was out in the woods up in Oregon? For a couple weeks here, it was two tow vehicles and one trailer.

"Nothing attracts paw prints to an automobile faster than a fresh wax job or a warm hood." Niki Anderson
Mesa tracked muddy paw prints across the hood and onto the roof the morning after I drove the Ford home. So predictable.

I donated my 2004 Ram 1500 to NPR’s Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program. I was too far away for them to send a tow truck so I had to hire someone to follow me down to El Paso and give me a ride home. I paid $200 to give away my truck. Bummer.
I have not yet found anyone here who listens to NPR. Reason enough to move somewhere else.

Looks like some grass is growing where I spread scratch grains this year. Might be my only grass. None came up where I put down grass seed. I wonder if buffalo grass would work here.

If you come across the November issue of Trailer Life magazine. Look on page 48. Recognize the photos? I submitted an article for their ‘RV Renovation’ page. My story was within the word limit but it was still cut and edited. Oh well. Wonder if they published it because of the photo I sent in of my Nash. Be that as it may, I’m thankful that they published my piece in their magazine. Way cool. Thanks.

You are stuck in an elevator that stopped between floors. Someone says, “There’s a first time for everything. Are you thinking, “There’s a last time for everything too.”?

Sometimes deer move off only a short distance before they lay down after eating the cracked corn. This girl didn’t even go that far.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up.

September sixty minutes sixty years—1850 minutes
September Triple 18—upper: 2125; core: 1970; legs: 6330

If music is a Place, then Jazz is the City, Folk is the Wilderness,
Rock is the Road, and Classical is the Temple.
Vera Nazarian, writer and philosopher

RVwest article ‘Following a Free Spirit’

RVwest article ‘The Spaces Between the Places’



JudithK said…
Good for you! A donation to NPR, and then some. I enjoy your posts....and have been reading for a while. Will be interested to see where you land next and if there's an NPR listener within miles. And miles. (I myself don't listen, but approve of it...I'm just not an audio person. Visual is my thing. And reading. Which I guess is visual, and I read actual hold in the hand books with pages to turn know, the paper kind.
Best wishes for good traveling......

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