a few short bits and thoughts on a move

Looks as if this guy is developing a nice rack. That’s cracked corn on his nose. Hope he makes it through shooting season.

A little kung fu humor.

A friend from Salt Lake drove down for a visit. Brent and I taught at the same private school for years. He always heads north for his road trips, so this was an unexpected treat, having him head south. We only managed to get in one short hike but we had some good talks in the evenings. He got me to see some things in a more objective way. Something I’ve always needed but mostly not open too. At this point in my life, decades late, I’m receptive to it. I also learned some things I did not know; always a good thing. Wish the visit lasted longer.

A week or so later, I was thinking I need more talks like that. Maybe I really will head up to northern NM next year. It would probably be good for me to find some property 15-20 miles outside a small town, with access to mountains. Going into the shops and cafe would provide opportunities to acquire a few new acquaintances, and possibly friends. I could use more dialogue in my life; merely exchanging pleasantries doesn’t cut it.

But I’ll still need a secluded piece of property for solitude. I get too much from solitude to give it up.

I only have one town in mind. I need to find out about others in northern NM so the trip will not be a bust. Any suggestions?

Recently I noticed a young doe pawing the ground before lying down. I wonder if this is common, to scoop out a snoozing spot.

I’ve seen scorpions in terrariums. I recently saw one while I was out and about. Not that I wanted too, nor do I want to see another. Unfortunately, it was around the 2x4s I have under the bags of grain and corn. I’m in those bags twice a day. Bummer.

Guess I can check scorpion off my Never want to see list. Or maybe on my, Never want to see without a barrier list.

Can’t say, As luck would have it, but I came across another scorpion while moving rocks along the access road I’ve been digging in the slope up to the Nash. Damn.

One day a mum and ten little ones stopped by to scoff up scratch grain. I miss all the turkeys that came by last year. This was the first time this year that I noticed more than one turkey at a time. Oh well. Sure going through a lot fewer bags of scratch grain and cracked corn.

I seem to need more color around me in the last year or so, hence coral reef in the Nash and some other things.
Wonder what my next shirt will look like.

Last month I placed my truck order but it will not be here until September. They have to build it. Bummer.

Debra, I’d like to see photos of your Nash after you are done with the changes. Thanks.

Looking out the back window watching the little ones sippin' in the rain.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up.

June sixty minutes sixty years—3020 minutes
June Triple 18—upper: 4040; core: 3365; legs: 4645

One day you will wake up and there won’t be anymore time
to do the things you've always wanted. Do it now.
Paulo Coelho

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Emily said…
I like the Abiquiu area.

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