wilson, belly butting, neuter, and a checklist

This is the view from another lot I was thinking about purchasing. It was an acre and the asking price was $5,000. I liked the view better than from my lot, but I did not think I could have towed the Nash to it with my truck’s power problem. There are four routes to it, but each has steep, rocky hills. Bummer. It quickly sold.

This doe would lower the level of the seed an inch, whenever she came by. This was after she ate all the corn. I moved the feeder.
A few weeks ago, I saw a fawn taking milk from her mum. Good grief. The little one was not merely sucking on the nipple, but forcibly butting against the doe. No way could it have been comfortable for the doe. Maybe that’s why it did not last too long. I love this lifestyle.

‘Blood is thicker than water.’ This commonly means one should always put family ahead of friends. Originally, it might have meant the opposite. The full maxim was, ‘The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb,’ with covenant referring to friendship. It was one’s friends who were with you through thick and thin. Maybe something like, brothers in arms.

As I wrote before, the medicine cabinet never stayed closed on rough roads. Tweaking the latch helped a bit but it still occasionally opened. I picked up a length of clear, plastic corner protector from the paint department in a home improvement store. I cut three pieces, glued them on, and all is well.

One day as I was pushing the wheelbarrow, I thought about some of my mishaps during the first two weeks of using it. I don’t know how many times it tipped over. I balanced the load, but the ground isn’t level and I was still quite weak, so if it started going, it went. Sometimes, with me along with it. If someone was around filming these occurrences and edited them, it might have looked like a Charlie Chaplin skit. Thankfully, I’ve made progress.

I stopped in a store down in the valley to have something faxed. On the wall behind the counter, was ‘Wilson.’ The soccer ball was decked out exactly as it was in the movie. I love unexpected smiles.

1. Rise
2. Coffee
3. Shine

I took M&M to the vet in Cloudcroft. It was overdue. They’re fine. There was a sign in the office.
‘Please neuter your pets and weird friends and relatives.’

Mind how you go.

Today is the youngest you will ever be.
Live like it.
Mark Cuban

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Rob K said…
Hi Sebastian,
Too bad about that one acre. That view is nice. Lucky people.
I too had the medicine cabinet open on drives. The latch bend never worked for me so I put a screw eye on one side and a regular screw on the other. I put some para cord with a cord lock through the eye and loop it around the screw. Fixed.
Was in Caballo Lake for a week and looked at the other NM state parks and they were all booked until Dec. I hit the road and am now in Az. for the winter.
If your ever on Instagram look me up. "knomadtracks"
Rob K.
Rob K said…
!!?? you're !! ; )

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