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Okay, another identify-the-bird question. Anyone? Thanks.

Thanks, Rob, yes, the bird on last month’s page looks like a Spotted Towhee. Really nice looing bird. Now I think there are just two more birds I want to identify. I have not yet been able to take any useable photos to upload.
And thanks for the info on and National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America. I’ll be checking them out.

I’m really enjoying hearing birds in the morning, unlike last year. You think there might be a few who are just squabbling with their spouses?

I don’t know for sure, but I think some mountain bikers might be insane. I came across this photo on the Trek bicycle site as I was researching one of their bikes.

I REALLY hope this is the last piece of medical info. The doctor who performed my surgery last May might not have closed things up all that well. I had to have a loporoscopic incisional hernia repair with mesh, in my abdomen. It went well but I have to take it easy for six weeks. Bummer. I’ll at least be hiking and doing exercises that won’t aggravate the wound. I still have three or four months of heavy work to do on the property, probably working 2-3 hours a day. I’m looking forward to it and will still have plenty of hours left in each day for other activities. But I want to start NOW! I was hoping that I would be done before the summer rains start. Might have to wait until next year to plant grass seed.

The week before the surgery, I had another procedure that required anesthesia (venture a guess, Pinball?). Afterwards, a nurse took me out to the pickup room (even though I did not have someone to pick me up). While sitting there, a woman around my age was brought in by a nurse. She was woozier than I was. You have probably observed some seniors and thought, I bet that person really enjoyed the ‘60s. The lady’s husband arrived to take her home and she started singing the line, “Everybody must get stoned,” from Dylan’s, Rainy Day Women. Her husband chimed along. They repeated it three or four times before they slowly made it to the door. As you can imagine, I was grinnin’, big time. I love seeing stuff like this.

The trans in my pickup died, as well as the driveshaft while up in the Timberon. I called Good Sam Roadside Assistance, just like I’ve done four or five times over the years. They were going to charge me a couple hundred dollars for mileage. In the past, all the mileage was covered. So I called my GEICO roadside assistance (.26 cents a month), which I have never used. GEICO covered all the mileage. When the agent told me the name of the tow company that was coming up from Alamogordo, I laughed—Sundown Recovery. I said, Are you sure you dialed the right number? It sounds more like a drug rehab facility.

Okay, having wild turkeys eating the birdseed is enough of an unexpected, ongoing expense. But deer? I now have a hanging bird feeder for most of the seed. I still put some on the ground for the ground feeders. But no longer in a pan; the deer were lapping up every last seed. Then there is always the hummingbird feeder. Thankfully, I enjoy watching all this.

I’m aware of the argument for not feeding wildlife. There might come a time when I make a change.
I was surprised from some behavior. When a deer is feeding and a little one comes up to share the pile of corn, the deer often knees the little one away or straightens a foreleg and kicks out a hoof. Seems as if they might have some hummingbird genes.

A couple weeks ago, I noticed some head nubs. I started paying more attention to which deer were doing the kicking. Yep, it’s primarily a male thing. I’m so surprised.

I’d like to come up with a name for the acre. With all the animals coming here to feed, I’m thinking of going with, The Soup Kitchen.

The drill instructor said, “That’s correct, private, there are no stupid questions. However, some questions come with pushups.”

I don’t know where I got this from and I do not know if it is a real photo or a Photoshop fabrication. Who cares? The title was, patience/wisdom. Could have simply been called, Smart Dog.

I’ve been using, ‘Mind how you go,‘ at the end of my pages (and emails). Being mindful, as one goes, enables one to experience so much more than those on cruise control. Lately I’m trying to be more aware, be in the moment, be mindful. Take it all in. I find it easier now that I’m back in the mountains.

The real bars
are the ones that lie behind the eyes.

RVwest article ‘Following a Free Spirit’

RVwest article ‘The Spaces Between the Places’



Emily said…
Maybe a blue grosbeak?
Rob K said…
Hi Sebastian,
I thought Grosbeak, but had never seen nor heard of a Blue. Emily got it.
What a pain to have another surgery.
Also surgery on the truck to top it off!
Well, less work more bird watching and feeding the deer and turkeys. ; )
Rob K
MdmLibrarian said…
So glad you made it through your latest "video shoot". Sorry I couldn't be there for your pick up - we could have sung some good songs together, too! Although if you woke up and saw me taking your hand, you might have an unpleasant association there. Ha Ha
sooperedd said…
Deer will eat practically anything.

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