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If you have an art, craft, or marketable skill that you have access to when you are on the road, you might want to advertise it. It could be a way to pick up some extra money along the way.

I Like Vinyl offers vinyl lettering in dozens of fonts, various colors, and numerous sizes. I put the SilverRaven text on the front corner of my camper so folks passing my site can see it. I’ve sold some of my silverwork in campgrounds in this way and have also given some 2-day lessons. Anyway, it might be something that would also work for you.

There are two other shots of how I used the lettering on the trailer. All the lettering looks good even though it might not look it in the photos. Couldn’t quite get the lighting right. My letters are teal and 1" and 2" tall.

Another idea is to use the lettering to show other campers what you are interested in. Good way to meet people with similar interests. Maybe make it somewhat humorous to break the ice, like, Lost Geocacher.

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