one year, finally back to sixty for sixty,
armed to hike, and another ramble

It does not seem like a year to me, but last July 31st, was the start of, ‘here’s a little story,’ and all those bizarre photos. It sure feels good to be above the ground and still have both arms.

In the area of the NM Sacramento Mtns. where I’m presently hard-wall camping, I was told there have been 45 mountain lion tags issued. I don’t know how many cougars they think are here, but there are suppose to quite a few. I wonder about this; I would think male pumas would be buttin’ heads over territory. A couple days after hearing this, I went off on a hike and mountain lions came to mind from time-to-time. The area is forested with quite a bit of underbrush; plenty of places for a cat to hide and get close to prey. I might be packing a handgun on hikes. I would just hope I could defend myself effectively if faced with a charging puma. Wouldn’t bet much in my favor. I wrote about what to do if faced with a predator back on the August 2014 page (‘more on the July page, at the water’s edge, hard-wall camping, floor vents and housework exercise, salads, sawdust, and close encounters’). But once the mountain lion is running full-tilt towards you, the fat lady might have sung.

I know the meaning of this term, but it can also be a joke.
The one who first said, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too,” did not apparently understand what cake is for.

Last August I started to make a point to say,‘Thanks or thank you for your help,’ with eye contact, to everyone who was doing so: nurses, CNAs, lab techs, the people who brought my meal trays, physical therapists, housekeeping, wound care, whoever. I noticed how people responded to this simple statement; more often then not, generally surprised and appreciative, sometimes a smile. And that just rewarded me for my words. So I kept it up and it’s now something I pretty much always do.

People say ‘thanks, or thank you’ all the time, and it’s a good thing to do. But it becomes common, one hears it all the time, some don’t even respond to it, especially if it’s said without eye contact. Adding three more words seems to lift it above common, making it more meaningful, personal.

I started using ‘Thanks for your help today’ in stores and when calling offices to deal with insurance, appointments, placing an order, whatever. One can hear the surprise and smile in their voice as they give a thanks back. Brings a smile to my face. I find it too rewarding to give up. Maybe coming from a guy, is what catches people off guard. But whatever, expressing gratitude, is a feel-good event.
It’s been a while since I wrote a ramble.

Here’s some senior humor I came across. ‘New’ songs by aging rockers.
The Rolling Stones: ‘Gimme Sweater’
Led Zeppelin: ‘Stairlift to Heaven’
Willie Nelson: ‘On the John Again’
The Who: ‘Bingo Wizard’
And my favorite…
U2: ‘I Still Haven’t Remembered What I’m Looking For’

I am so thankful that I get a laugh out of stuff like this, a true laugh, not merely a smile. It’s like a state-of-mind check for me. It tells me I’m still feeling light and good about my life. If I don’t laugh, I know something is wrong and need to start work on getting my head back together. As long as I laugh, life is good; I feel light.

Mesa usually falls behind sometime during the first 10 minutes or so on our walks. Then he runs to catch up and I can sometimes catch him in this pose. Sure looks like he’s having a good time.

September’s page will be about an interesting place.

Since I started Diana’s ‘sixty minutes for sixty years’ challenge in 2011 (the June 2011 page: diana’s sixty minutes sixty years page). I met the challenge every month until August 2016. Then I missed it for the next 11 months! Guano. Now I’m back.
The same for the ‘triple 18’ challenge which I started in 2012 (the October 2012 page: back in the dirt for M&M, mail call, little chuckles, thrilling but nuts, scootin’ mesa, water containers, john’s eclipse, triple 18.)

July sixty minutes for sixty years—1920 minutes
July Triple 18—pecs/delts/arms: 1860; core: 1870; legs: 1980

It is clarifying to renew one's appreciation of life.

RVwest article ‘Following a Free Spirit’

RVwest article ‘The Spaces Between the Places’


Rob K said…
Hi Sebastian,
It good to hear your putting your heart on a workout. Watch out for those large kitties, don't think they're looking to rub up against your leg!
MdmLibrarian said…
Love that photo of Mesa. I got to know him a bit better during your stay here, and he is a cool cat.

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