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When it is warm, this is a typical evening scene. I’m on a low rider, Meadow is on the stool shelf and Mesa is on the director chair. If it’s hot, once the pickup’s metal cools down, Mesa is spread out on the roof or hood.

Lynn sent me this jpg. Almost makes me want to get a beater bike and do something like this. Three bikes might be a bit much, however.

Now this is a stellar idea for a houseboat. I could definitely live the life. I’d keep the small runabout, replace the two motorboats with a canoe and a scull, and build a vegetable garden on part of the deck. Sweet. I’ve seen photos of trailers on rafts; people use them for getaway spots. That could be pretty cool.

Except for the first week with the Nash (it was warm), I lit the Wave 6 every morning until the 28th of June. June! Then there was mostly blue sky with temps up in the 80s and then into the 90s for a week or so. Went from having two windows open a bit during the night to having all the windows and roof vents open all the way. I sorta missed the transition this year.

I’ve read one or two books by Barbara Kingsolver over the years, so when I saw The Bean Tree in a thrift shop for .25, I picked it up. When I got around to reading it, I started with the reviews on the first page, ‘An astonishing literary debut…’ What! I then looked at the copyright—1988. It was her first book, pretty cool. A good read.
I recently dug out my copy of The Holy Man by Susan Trott. The title originally put me off since I don’t believe in religion, but I thoroughly enjoy rereading this little book from time to time. I might not believe in religion but I most assuredly believe in a universal consciousness. If one is tied to a dogma, the mind cannot be free to work towards being in harmony with the universe and understand the true nature of things. Not that I will ever be close.

Well, the ramp was pretty much a bust. M&M don’t use it all that much. Just like with my last trailer, M&M jump onto the spare to let me know they want in. With the Nash, the little window there has a screen that slides so I used some of the heavy ‘pet proof’ screening that Lynn gave me and made a flap for the window. Now they just go in and out the window. UNLESS, they have found a place to roll in the dirt. Then the screen stays closed.

Well, I’m in the Malheur National Forest south of John Day. There are no established trails in the areas where I’ve been camping but there is quite a network of cow paths, old logging roads, and little used and closed spur roads. I’m in travel mode, racking up the miles. I see pronghorn from time to time but I have not been able to get close enough for a photo. I come across elk droppings but I haven’t seen any yet, not even on my runs, which is when I generally see the most wildlife. Strange. There’s a steep 2-mile hill that I bike up a couple times a week. Definitely not easy but it shows me how far I’ve come from a time in my 50s when I couldn’t walk up two flights of stairs.

I could really do without the ticks. Some evenings while reading outside, I’ll catch a tick climbing up my pants. I’ve found some inside the trailer but as far as I can see, none yet on Meadow or Mesa. A couple mornings I’ve noticed one dug into my skin. Thankfully, they were in spots where I could reach them with tweezers. I prefer removing the buggers with a technique a doctor showed me rather than one of the folksy methods. Now I shake my clothes outside and check myself and M&M over twice a day. I’d hate to have one where I could not get to it. Maybe I should look for a lady to travel with.

This is the fourth spot I’ve set up camp in this area. I’ve spent hours out biking the forest roads looking for spots to camp but most of the smaller spur roads are either closed or too rough to get a trailer in. I already have marks on the Nash from branches scraping along the both sides on the tighter roads. I try to be careful, but it IS, a ‘recreation’ vehicle. Those with mobile condos would freak.
This spot, as you can see, with the wood and overhead pole for hanging game is a hunter’s camp. There were no fresh tire tracks going up this short, dead end spur and there was dried cow spat in the fire pit. It doesn’t look like this spot has been used yet this summer. So I’m hoping no one will show up for a couple more weeks. I have not seen another RV or camper for the last six weeks.

Dwarf mistletoe has infected a lot of the ponderosa pine and juniper is this area. It’s not the larger species one sees down in NM and AZ. I have not come across it before. It’s nasty. It is entirely dependent on its host tree so death of the tree also means death of the mistletoe, so mistletoe tend to coexist with their hosts. But it sure looks like the stuff is killing the trees. It morphs into an ugly dark moss. The lower bark turns black, the wood rots, and the tree falls over exposing dead roots. Some sections of forest look so sick one could easily use the location to film a horror movie.

If there are deer or cows close by and Meadow and/or Mesa is outside, we’re going to have visitors. These cows in the shadow of the trailer are checking out Meadow. If I see cows coming, I take a quick look around camp because they can sure slobber and if they step on something—it’s broke. Yep, talkin’ from experience here.

Remember I talked about meeting Larry and Judy this past winter? They are from Illinois and were traveling in a Casita. One of the many things we talked about was the two RV companies I was looking into. They looked into the trailers, sold their Casita and bought an OutdoorsRV Creek Side. I was glad to hear they are pleased with it.
Ted, from Montana, checks out my site from time to time and followed along as I was researching a new trailer. We started emailing and talking on the phone. After doing his own research, he decided to sell his Casita and purchase a Nash 17K. He tracked down the dealer with the best price (that earned him a bottle of wine). The dealer also cut us a deal since we were ordering two trailers. I met Ted and Judith just before we picked up our trailers in Oregon. He’s also quite pleased with it.
I guess no one will be out to shoot me.

I almost wish I had switched back to a regular trailer 2 or 3 years ago. I spaced out what they were like and was content with the Casita. Then again, I would not have been able to camp in some of the spots I was able to get into with the Casita. Oh well, probably could not have worked out better. Sure glad to get back to double axles.

I bought my second solstice goat through Gotta keep the ‘man in the mirror’ doing his small part in helping the earth and a few less fortunate. I’ll be starting something else with World Vision; just haven’t decided exactly what yet.

June sixty minutes sixty years—1935 minutes
Not bad; I started Diana’s challenge in June of 2011 and have not missed a month. I think Diana is on her fourth year. It’s a stellar way to take responsibility for one’s health. And if you are like me, once you get through the first month, it becomes addictive.
June Triple 18—pecs/delts: 2410; core: 1985; legs: 1800

Everybody thinks about getting fit, but thinking is of no benefit.
Erick Spector

RVwest article ‘Following a Free Spirit’


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