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If considering seasonal work, first decide what type of work you are looking for. is a very popular source for finding a job. Their listings are extensive and one also gets a daily email with openings around the country.
Other workamper sites have opened in the last few years, such as,,, and

Many seasonal businesses are finding out that workampers generally turn out to be reliable employees so the job opportunities cover more than RV parks. One will find workamper jobs listed for resorts, national and state parks, amusement parks, lighthouses, storage facilities, excursion trains, NASCAR tracks, Christmas tree, pumpkin and fireworks lot, traveling circuses and carnivals, summer camps, and private farms and ranches.

I used to get a stellar job for a summer. I let my membership lapse, however, since I was more interested in primitive campgrounds which are not covered at workamper. I used a campground management company to find the type of work I was after. Last year I lucked out and also had a job teaching a silversmith class for a few weeks prior to the host job. There must be gods (and friends)! Here are some other ideas for finding seasonal work:

Visit Quartzite—a number of seasonal employers hold court there during the winter get together.

Workamping at Callville Bay Marina & Resort 702-565-8958 in Lake Mead, NV or Lake Powell in UT

Check into Southern Cross—gasoline inspectors and Medora, ND

Contact employers even if you don't find a help-wanted advertisement.

Artspan – if you are an artist and sell your work > Artspan is the leader in artist websites and in search rankings by the top search engines. Artspan sites: low cost, high visibility, ease of site management.

Volunteer at a New Mexico state park. For 24 hours a week, volunteers get a site with hookups. Volunteers do not even have to clean the comfort stations or collect trash bags.

Look into working at a summer camps or dude ranches

Many Alaskan public schools hire RVers to park on their property and watch it during the summer

California Land Management—primitive campground hosts

American Land and Leisure



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