heading south to new mexico
‘my canyonlands – the adventurous life of Kent Frost’

Eight new state parks to check out this winter in New Mexico along with returning to two or three that I liked from last winter. Also plan to check out some BLM areas. Should be good. Then back to Bisbee for a month around March to visit friends and take a month or so to work north to Utah. Probably go up the west side of NM; have not been through there yet.

There was a good time visiting with friends in SLC. I had a chance to have lunch with my old zen teacher, Genpo Roshi, the abbot of Kanzeon Zen Center and founder of Big Mind (www.genpo.org). He is SO busy these days that I felt truly blessed to have him take the time to meet with me. Life is good.

This shows where I parked for a few days in front of a friend's house in Moab. We went to a premier on the life of a Utah legend; Kent Frost is like a Utah John Muir. ‘My Canyonlands – The Adventurous Life of Kent Frost’ directed by Chris Simon. If you like the Utah Canyonlands area or just like nature, look for this DVD when it comes out.

Found out there are not a whole lot of places to disperse camp along rt.160 through the San Juan National Forest. Many of the FR are pretty rough and steep. There are some nice places south of Pagosa Springs on rt.84: Blanco Road (FR 656), Kenny Flats, and Buckles Lake Road (FR 663). Will have to find out about other places to dry camp between Durango and Pagosa Springs. The shot here is of where I pulled off on Buckles Road.

Over four months without going to a laundromat! Got by with doing a handful of items in a 5-gallon bucket every other day. I always bring a book when I go to a laundromat but it’s still not one of my favorite activities, so this was a real treat. After hitting a laundromat in Moab, I came across the most expensive laundromat I’ve ever come across in Chama, NM. At least she had a book exchange shelf where I switched some books. Can’t wait to get back to my bucket.

Set your desk, your chair, your sink, your sights with a view to the great outdoors. Life is simpler out there. Linus Mundy



Anonymous said…
How about a battery-powered carbon monoxide detector? Just a thought so your friends don't have to worry when you haven't posted to the blog, or sent an email in awhile....

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